PLANET IVC-234GT 1-Port BNC/RJ11 to 4-Port Gigabit Ethernet Extender

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High Performance Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Extender 

To fulfill the needs of long distance and higher speed required Ethernet over Coaxial or 2-wired UTP applications, PLANET Technology offers a new Industrial Ethernet Extender, IVC-234GT. It features one BNC port and one RJ11 port for long-distance connection with the VDSL2 (Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line 2) technology, and 4 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45 Ethernet ports. Its slim-sized metal housing makes the placement of the unit convenient. Working well with a pervasive coaxial or RJ11 network, the IVC-234GT provides an excellent bandwidth of up to a total duplex data rate of 300Mbps which can extend a maximum distance up to 1.2km

If the IP network that consists of HD IP camera, wireless access point, NVR and digital signage display requires an extension of beyond the 100-meter distance, the IVC-234GT will be the best option as it can transmit data over the coaxial cable or telephone wire. A 100-meter distance can only be extended on an UTP cable.

Superior Upstream and Downstream Transmission

The design of the IVC-234GT is based on the two-core networking technology, Gigabit Ethernet and VDSL2. The IVC-234GT offers a stable yet high-speed point-to-point network access up to a duplex data transmission of 300Mbps. It provides 2 selective transmission modes -- asymmetric mode or symmetric mode -- for the transmission of upstream and downstream signals.

  ■ Asymmetric mode – downstream up to 200Mbps and upstream up to 100Mbps

  ■ Symmetric mode – downstream up to 150Mbps and upstream up to 150Mbps

The symmetric mode provides the similar transmission rate on both downstream and upstream while the asymmetric mode performs higher transmission quality in short range. In all, when the IVC-234GT is in the symmetric mode, it provides a better upstream performance, and when it is in the asymmetric mode, it gives a better downstream performance.


Ethernet over Long Distance Existing Coaxial or RJ11 Cable

The IVC-234GT is also a Long Reach Ethernet (LRE) solution which provides a quick replacement and smooth migration solution from the existing analog system to full digital system.  It features two types of transmission, the coaxial or RJ11. A normal UTP cable can only be extended up to 100 meters, but with the IVC-234GT, the distance for Ethernet networking can be extended up to 1,200 meters (3,937ft.), which is ideal for the following network applications:

  ■ Long-distance IP network devices

  ■ IP digital signage 

  ■ Cable TV to IPTV

  ■ Distance video education

  ■ Electronic billboards

  ■ Other applications

If you have coaxial or RJ11 cable in your existing environment, you can install a pair of the IVC-234GT very simply without the need to build additional network wires, thus saving costs for network construction.

Easy and Flexible Installation

The IVC-234GT offers two operation modes, the client-side CPE and central-side CO, making any network applications easy and flexible. The CPE or CO mode can be adjusted by using the built-in DIP switch. For point-to-point connection, one IVC-234GT in CPE mode and the other one in CO mode must be set up as a pair of converters to perform the connection. This enables the administrator to efficiently manage the network over coaxial cable, making long-distance transmission better.

ADSL2+ Fallback

For ISPs  providing ADSL broadband services, the IVC-234GT can support a downstream rate of up to 24Mbps and an upstream rate of 1Mbps with the ADSL2+ technology. The IVC-234GT can also be directly switched over to VDSL2 after the network upgrade.