PLANET VCG-1500WG-LTE Vehicle 4G LTE Cellular Wireless Gateway with 5-Port 10/100TX (1-SIM Card Slot, 802.11n, GPS, -25~65 degrees C)

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Internet of Vehicles via 4G LTE Cellular Gateway

PLANET VCG-1500WG-LTE is a reliable, secure and high-bandwidth communications vehicle cellular gateway for demanding mobile applications and IoV (Internet of Vehicles) deployments. It features 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution), wireless AP, five Ethernet ports (4 LAN and 1 WAN), GPS,  VPN technology and bandwidth management bundled in a mountable metal case to establish a public network connection and allows passengers to access Internet.



High-performance 4G LTE 

The VCG-1500WG-LTE is able to reach a download (DL) speed of up to 100Mbps and an upload (UL) speed of 50Mbps. The Cellular Gateway also supports multi-band connectivity including LTE FDD, TDD, HSDPA, WCDMA and GSM for a wide range of applications. 


Wireless Access Point

With an integrated 802.11n Wireless Access Point, the gateway supports data rate up to 300Mbps and is also compatible with 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n equipment. The Wireless Protected Access (WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK) and Wireless Encryption Protocol (WEP) features enhance the level of transmission security and access control over Wireless LAN. 


GPS Included

The VCG-1500WG-LTE is equipped with one convenient feature and that is GPS (global positioning system). It is a positioning system based on a network of satellites that continuously transmit necessary data. More signals transmitted from more satellites can triangulate its location on the ground, meaning any location can be easily tracked anytime. 


Cost-effective VPN Solution

The VCG-1500WG-LTE provides a complete data security and privacy feature for access and exchange of sensitive data. The full VPN capability of the VCG-1500WG-LTE including built-in PPTP, LT2P, and IPSec VPN client functions with DES/3DES/AES encryption and MD5/SHA-1 authentication makes the shared connection more secure and flexible. The IPSec VPN also makes the private tunnel over Internet more secure for enterprises doing business transactions.


Dual TF Cards for Wi-Fi Advertising Contents

The VCG-1500WG-LTE provides dual TF cards and the capacity of each card is up to 128GB. The TF cards can store thousands of advertising data and movie files. The administrator is able to upload these files to TF cards via FTP locally. Besides, through CMS (Central Management System), administrator is able to upload and maintain these files remotely. The device will display advertising contents when users access to the Wi-Fi after authentication. 


Superior Management Functions

For networking management features, the VCG-1500WG-LTE provides such functions as  DMZ, QoS and Wifidog, as well as full secure functions including Network Address Translation (NAT), IP/URL/MAC filtering. The VCG-1500WG-LTE has 4G and WAN connection failover characteristics, which can automatically switch over to the redundant, stable WAN connection to keep users always online without missing any fascinating moments.


User-friendly and Secure Management

For efficient management, the VCG-1500WG-LTE is equipped with console, web and Wifidog management interfaces. With the built-in web-based management interface, the VCG-1500WG-LTE offers an easy-to-use, platform independent management and configuration facility. The VCG-1500WG-LTE supports Wifidog and it can be managed via CMS (Central Management System) for remote management and Wi-Fi advertising.