PLANET WAPC-500 Enterprise-class Wireless LAN Controller supporting more than 500 APs

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Large-scale Wireless LAN Management Solution

PLANET WAPC-500, a large-scale Wireless LAN Controller (WLAN Controller), features smart AP control managing up to 512 PLANET smart access points across indoor and outdoor series to provide wireless network management solution from medium to large enterprise. The WLAN Controller enables service providers and IT managers to control all wireless APs at the same time in medium and large wireless network environments, such as hotels, villas, resorts and any public area.

Various Smart APs that Suit Every Enterprise’s Needs

To fulfill various business needs, the WLAN Controller supports a maximum of 16 models of Smart APs for both indoor and outdoor purposes including ceiling-mount, wall-mount, in-wall, industrial, single-band, dual-band and high-power access points which are able to adapt to different environments.


Speeding Up Management and Monitoring

With the WLAN Controller, the system integrator is able to deploy over 500 access points at a time, and centrally configures multiple PLANET smart access points through pre-defined SSID profile and radio profile with just one-click operation. The graphical and user-friendly management interface reduces system operation effort, thus simplifying the batch configuration without having to log on to each device.


Controlling Wireless Network within Minutes

The WLAN Controller, equipped with an LCD with keypads, provides a brief system overview and basic status, and moreover, its integrated Smart AP Control software comes with a dashboard view of your wireless network management. It offers a valuable wireless network information at a glance with the help of the data-driven graphical chart. The dashboard retrieves the real-time visualizations including the system usage, wireless channel distribution, AP loading of Top 3 and active clients traffic status which enables IT engineers quickly drill down into specific information.

Wireless Cluster Management

To configure multiple Smart APs of the same model, the WLAN Controller allows clustering them to a managed group for unified management. According to requirements, wireless APs can be flexibly expanded or removed from a wireless AP group at any time. The AP cluster benefits bulk provision and bulk firmware upgrade through single entry point instead of having to configure settings in each of them separately.

Secure WLAN Access and User Control

The WLAN Controller can provide up to 500 on-demand user accounts. The user accounts can be grouped according to a different access policy. The WLAN Controller’s built-in RADIUS server is integrated for large-scale enterprises so as to provide secure user authentication through the managed RADIUS AP clients.


Optimizing Wi-Fi Deployment with Zone Maps

Importing your floor maps and locating each AP or AP group according to the field deployment can save your time and cost of on-site support and monitoring. It shows the real-time AP status and its signal heat map is capable of reflecting the actual coverage and helps the administrator to fine-tune the overlapping of the adjacent APs anytime to optimize the wireless network performance.

Real-time Monitoring to Speed Up Network Analysis

The WLAN Controller collects all the traffic statistics of the managed APs and displays both graphical and dynamic data information via graphs, charts and tables, reporting on a significant overview of your wireless network to make the daily monitoring more efficient.

Maintenance and Scalability

Through the local high-capacity HDD or mounted USB storage device, the administrator is able to back up or restore the managed device list and profiles, thus reducing effort for system recovery. In addition, PLANET provides unlimited system upgrade and AP license for free to support future added models and advanced features. The WAPC WLAN Controller series is no doubt the best choice for the enterprise.