PLANET VGW-410FS 4-Port SIP VoIP Gateway (4*FXS)

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High Quality yet Affordable for All Businesses

PLANET VGW-410FS enterprise-class 4-port SIP VoIP Gateway provides added flexibility during migration to Unified Communications by supporting the traditional analog devices. These devices include analog phones, fax machines, modems, voicemail systems and speakerphones. 



Enhanced, Full-Featured Business Gateway

PLANET VGW-410FS 4-port FXS VoIP Gateway is a fully SIP standard compliant residential gateway that provides a total solution for integrating voice-data network, with built-in PPPoE/DHCP/DDNS clients, up to 4 concurrent connections. Voice communications can be established from anywhere around the world, and it not only provides quality voice communications, but also offers secure, reliable Internet sharing capabilities for daily voice and Internet communications. 


Distributed VoIP Network Infrastructure

PLANET VGW series is easy to use for all types of businesses. The VGW-410FS offers quality voice communications and real-time fax data over IP networks and it does not need human resources to deploy a VoIP network. With the optimized SIP architecture, PLANET VGW-410FS is the ideal choice for P2P/SIP proxy (IP PBX) voice chat, and ITSP cost-saving solution.