PLANET NVR-2500 H.265 25-ch 4K Network Video Recorder

Κατασκευαστής: PLANET
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: NVR-2500
Διαθεσιμότητα: Διαθέσιμο
230,66 € Χωρίς ΦΠΑ: 186,02 €
Ποσότητα: Καλάθι
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High Efficiency Surveillance Solution

PLANET NVR-2500 is a brand-new 25-channel Linux embedded network video recorder (NVR) for campuses, communities, restaurants and more. Designed for IP surveillance applications with HDMI local display, the NVR-2500 supports IP cameras with up to 4K and H265/H264/H265+/H264+ video codec for high-quality real-time monitoring, recording and playback. It also supports 4K video resolution on any HD monitor. 


The NVR-2500 can be used as a control center to control and monitor up to 25 connected network cameras (ONVIF supported) locally or remotely, perfectly designed for intelligent IP surveillance system, with two internal SATA hard disks drawers interface and video files kept in the NVR for a long period of time. Once the NVR-2500, armed with complete surveillance equipment, detects any suspicious events, you will be alerted with buzzing alarm, alarm via email, voice warnings and screen display. 


The recorded video files can be saved in the NVR without the need for an additional PC for file storage, thus bringing users a secure surveillance system at a lower total cost. Fully compatible with iOS, Android and Internet Explorer on Windows operating system for multi-platform remote access, the NVR-2500 is thus able to further enhance security within the premises to protect your property. Moreover, it is fully compatible with mobile app.


High-resolution Local Display

The NVR-2500 comes with HDMI and VGA video output interfaces for dual local display. It can be connected to a 4K HDMI monitor and 1080p VGA monitor separately, where live viewing contents or playback contents can be displayed simultaneously. With the dual local display function, users can monitor locally with high flexibility in a different display resolution, thus eliminating the need for a separate PC to view video from the unit. Besides, the NVR can also be operated with the USB mouse to configure and monitor all the systems easily.


Real-time, Remote Monitoring

Up to 25 IP cameras can be connected to the NVR-2500 via a connected IP network. With the NVR-2500, it delivers high-performance video recordings and smooth playbacks of multiple megapixel cameras. Users can view remote surveillance in real time and play back recorded videos via the Web browser or the bundled PVMS (Professional Video/Central Management Software).


You are able to search and install Planet IP cameras or ONVIF cameras via Web interface with more convenience and efficiency. Besides the Web interface, the NVR also supports viewer app software for smart phone so you can connect to the NVR anytime, anywhere.


Remote Access via Mobile App, Web Browser or PVMS

The NVR-2500 provides central surveillance management capability with the adoption of its bundled PLANET Video Management Software. With the PVMS, the NVR-2500 NVR system is expandable for multi-sites management of up to 256-ch IP cameras simultaneously. Besides, users are able to monitor the NVR via mobile app viewer or the Web browser anytime, anywhere.