PLANET NMS-500 Enterprise-class Universal Network Management Controller

Κατασκευαστής: PLANET
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: NMS-500
Διαθεσιμότητα: Διαθέσιμο
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Enterprise-class Universal Network Management Controller

PLANET's NMS-500 Network Management System can monitor all kinds of deployed network devices, such as managed switches, media converters, routers, smart APs, VoIP phones, IP cameras, etc., compliant with the SNMP Protocol, ONVIF Protocol and PLANET Smart Discovery utility. It thus enables the administrator to centrally manage a network of up to 512 nodes from a central office, greatly boosting network and power management efficiency. With its user authentication management, the NMS-500 enhances data transmission security in the modern factory automation systems.

Watch Over Network within Minutes

The domain information web page presents a managed devices list and topology view, providing the at-a-glance and efficient summary of your management network. It lets you have a valuable information on the current wired and wireless network statuses via data-driven graphical charts. The topology viewer and event reports enable you to visualize the system usage and node status in real time so as to address whatever issue they may have.

Three Steps to Manage Nodes with Ease

The NMS-500 enhances user experience by providing more user-friendly Web GUI (Chrome only*) and obvious step-by-step guidance on each related function. Unlike other third-party software, it reduces training time and allows even non-technical users to be able to set up wireless network within minutes.

Real-time Centralized Monitoring and Event Alarm System

As the NMS-500 can come out with a topology view of the network of the deployed powered devices, it enables to detect which device is online (blue) or offline (red). The real-time centralized monitoring of these devices can help the administrator know what the current statuses of these devices are. The SMTP alarm function is designed to send an email alert to the administrator via the SMTP server where syslog information can be found once an abnormality is detected. This can prompt MIS personnel to quickly fix the identified trouble in the network.

Optimizing Wi-Fi Deployment with Floor Maps

With the floor maps, devices can be located according to the field deployment, thus saving your time and cost of on-site support and monitoring. The current statuses of devices are shown in real time and the heat map is able to show the wireless signal coverage and strength to help the administrator fine-tune the overlapping of the adjacent devices anytime to optimize the wireless network performance.

Browser-based Control on IPC Linux Platform

As it is browser-based, the NMS-500 does not need to be downloaded, making its direct connection to a network via a PC, laptop or tablet easier for the administrator. It can be operated from anywhere via Web browser and network adapter that are able to access managed nodes on a DHCP-enabled network, thus controlling multiple devices through a single PC, laptop or tablet.