PLANET IPOE-E302 Industrial 1-Port 802.3bt PoE++ to 2-Port 802.3at Gigabit PoE Extender

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Outdoor 802.3bt PoE++ Solution for Breaking RJ45 100m Limitation

PLANET IPOE-E302 is an industrial IP67-rated 1-port 802.3bt PoE++ to 2-port 802.3bt/at Gigabit PoE Extender designed especially for point to multipoint PoE application. The IPOE-E302 can obtain a maximum of 95-watt PoE power from 802.3bt PoE++ or PoH (Power over HDBASE-T) input port and supplies a maximum of 65-watt PoE power budget for 2 PoE output ports, extending both the Gigabit Ethernet Data and 802.3at Power over Ethernet over the UTP cable. The IPOE-E302 provides a simple solution for adding PoE ports without running more cabling and achieves more flexible network applications without requiring an external power adapter.

Weather-proof RJ45 Ethernet Connector and Shielded Plug

The IPOE-E302 is ideal for installing an extended range of outdoor PoE devices such as outdoor PoE wireless access points, outdoor PoE IP cameras, outdoor PoE IP intercoms and much more. The IPOE-E302 is equipped with 3-port 10/100/1000BASE-T auto-negotiation RJ45 connectors and 3 waterproof cable glands for direct-attach applications. Assembled with waterproof cable gland, it can make the general RJ45 connector weather-proof and provides tight and strong connection, and ensures it comes with the industrial protection rating of IP67 capable of withstanding humidity, dirt, dust, shock, vibrations, heat and cold.


Environmentally-hardened Design

With industrial-level IP67-rated aluminum case, the IPOE-E302 provides a high level of immunity against electromagnetic interference, and is able to protect itself from dust and water ingress and to operate under the temperature range from -40 to 75 degrees C. All these features ensure the highest level of reliability for mission-critical applications in any difficult environment.

Plug and Play, and Easy Cabling Installation

The IPOE-E302 is quite easy to be installed by simply Plug and Play. It is used between a power source equipment (PSE) and a powered device (PD). 

The IPOE-E302 is designed in a compact box containing three RJ45 ports, of which one "PoE++ In" port functions as PD input and the other two "PoE+ Out" ports on the other side function as PSE output. The "PoE OUT" port is also the power injector that transmits DC voltage over the Cat5/5e/6 cable and transfers data and power simultaneously to a remote PD without affecting the data transmission performance. It offers a cost-effective and quick solution to double the standard range of PoE from 100 to 200 meters.