Planet CS-950 UTM Content Security Gateway

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All-in-One Network Security Solution
The innovation of the Internet has created tremendous worldwide opportunities for e-business and information sharing. It has become essential for businesses to focus more on network security issues. The demand for information security has become the primary concern for the enterprises. To fulfill this demand, PLANET has launched the CS-950 UTM Content Security Gateway, an all-in-one appliance that carries several main categories across your network security deployments: firewall security protection, policy auditing (content filtering, VPN, and authentication), and easy management (CMS, wireless AP management and flow analysis). Furthermore, its VLAN, QoS and Outbound Load Balance features can improve the network efficiency while the web-based interface provides friendly and consistent user experience.

Excellent Ability in Threat Defense
The CS-950 adopts Clam AV for virus scanning which detects over 800,000 kinds of viruses, worms, and Trojans. Once suspicious emails are detected, the CS-950 will modify the subject and record the mail. Besides, websites and FTP will be scanned once the function of antivirus is enabled in policy. It also employs multi-spam filters, auto learning, and personal Blacklist/Whitelist. It gives administrators the flexibility to enforce custom filtering. These help companies to create their own database by importing the latest spam update. Using the filter, the following action like forward or delete can be taken for any mail identified as a spam.

An advanced protection of UTM, the co-defense SNMP switch can be known on which computer and which switch port at the earliest possible time which prevents business network from failure, and monitor network-attached devices for conditions that warrant administrative attention.


Moreover, its built-in SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) firewall and IDP (Intrusion Detection and Prevention) functions provide DoS detection and block concealed malicious code or worms delivered in TCP/IP protocols. As soon as an attack is suspected, the CS-950 will immediately notify the IT administrator and an extensive range of reports will be available for analysis.

Cost-effective VPN Security Gateway Solution for SMBs
The CS-950 supports many popular security features including content blocking to block specific URL, authentication, IPSec, L2TP, SSL VPN, PPTP VPN server/client, outbound load-balancing, QoS, time schedule and more. Furthermore, it provides higher performance with all Gigabit Ethernet interfaces which offer faster speeds for your network applications. The Gigabit user-defined interfaces flexibly fulfill the network requirement nowadays, and the multiple WAN interfaces enable the CS-950 to support outbound load balancing and WAN fail-over features. The built-in multiple VPN tunnels (IPSec/PPTP/L2TP/SSL) enables businesses of any size to deliver secured connectivity for mobile employees, branch offices, and clients. As a result, the VPN functions not only provides high security level connection but also VPN fail-over features, a VPN redundant mechanism to always keep the VPN alive.

Improving Network Efficiency
The CS-950 has link redundancy, application control and many more functions to make the entire network system better. It is applicable to the small-scale sector (from 40 to 50 people), using a 9-inch desktop design, with four Gigabit ports (WAN/LAN/DMZ). The CS-950’s economical price with complete cable management features make it an inevitable choice for the next-generation office network load balancer.


The CS-950’s built-in fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) feature can automatically resolve the IP address corresponding to all. Users’ network can be easily managed by just typing the URL of the secure websites (HTTPS) like Facebook, YouTube and Yahoo.

The CS-950 can connect multiple WANs with up to three different ISPs. It creates a stable and qualified VPN connection for many important applications such as VoIP, video conferencing and data transmission.